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FR6A2627coconut oil and blue containerI have discovered the wonders of coconut oil! This stuff is really good for you in all kinds of ways, but recently I have discovered that it also makes a very cheap (and good for your eyes) eye makeup remover. Over the past couple of years I have battled with red itchy patches on my eyelids and around my eyes. It would drive me crazy with the itching and burning, and wearing makeup over it was not fun either. Both my family doctor and a dermatologist told me to quit wearing eye makeup and gave me steriod creams to use. Seriously?? Nobody really wants to look at me without makeup (I don’t like looking at me without makeup!!). And the problems with the steroid creams is that they don’t work that well. I wasn’t too crazy about the information I read on them, either. Plus, going without makeup on the weekend was not improving anything. Assuming I was having an allergic reaction to my eye shadow, I started by trying to change that, looking for the brands with pure ingredients. No luck. I changed mascara, and tried several other things. Finally, I changed what I was using to take off my eye makeup. I have been using a popular bran eye makeup remover since I was a teenager, and also used the pre-moistened towelettes by several brands. Well, I had been reading and searching for new things to try, and I ran across an article that discussed using coconut oil for taking off eye makeup. At first I thought “yuck” , and that it would be like using a glob of shortening on my eyes. Not so! I love this stuff! Coconut oil melts just about the moment it touches your skin, and it only takes a little bit. I took some and put it in a very small travel container (you can see the size of the container compared to my hand in the photo).

FR6A2630coconut oil and blue container - open-in my handI have been using this for three months now, and have only now used about half of what I put in there. I used to buy the packages of towelettes that ran about $5 or $6 a package, and they would last a month or so. The 16 ounce container of Nature’s Way coconut oil cost me a little over $12 at iHerb , and that would last me several YEARS at the rate I am using it for my eyes. Of course, I also use it for several other things, so I go through a bottle much faster than that. I have more posts to share on that great stuff!

A great part of using the coconut oil is that it does not contain some of the things I don’t want to put on my skin like parabens and whole host of other things I can’t even pronounce! How those things might affect you is another controversial topic, but if I can leave off anything that is not good for my skin, I would just as soon do it. The big deal for me is that I have not had ANY breakouts on my eyes since I started using the coconut oil to take off my eye makeup! I did not have to give up using eye shadow or mascara, thank goodness.

FR6A2633coconut oil and blue container - open


Another plus – I really think the skin around my eyes looks better than before! You can find coconut oil in most stores, but the extra virgin organic is what I have been using. For saving money and a great moisturizer, it is worth giving it a try!


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  1. That is an awesome tip! I’ve struggled to find a good eye make-up remover. Everything either makes my eyes sting or doesn’t take off the make-up. I’m going to give this a try. Thank you!

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