How You Can Use Great Camera Equipment Without Having to Buy It

Canon 5D Mark III - Lens Pro to Go

Canon 5D Mark III

For all of you who love great cameras, but can’t afford to buy the “really nice stuff” out right, there may be another option. You can rent it. Lens Pro to Go is a great way to rent DSLR cameras and equipment on a short time basis for special events or vacations, or to have an opportunity to try out a camera or lens that you are considering buying. They have all of the latest DSLR cameras (both Nikon and Canon) and equipment available to rent, and they can ship it to you anywhere in the United States. Shipping is included in the rental fee, which is extremely reasonable. I have done this twice and have been really pleased with the experience. Please note: I receive NO compensation for this post in any way. I just had a great experience and wanted to share it.

The first time I rented from Lens Pro to Go, we were headed to two of our favorite places in the world (and some of the most photogenic!). We had planned to fly to Colorado and then drive up to Yellowstone National Park. I wanted the absolute best pictures to bring home, and recently read about a place (Lens Pro to Go) that you can actually rent nice camera equipment for a very reasonable price. I have a Canon DSLR, but as most of you know, the “magic” of getting a great photo in terms of equipment, comes in large part from the lens. The lenses I own do for the most part, but I knew I could not get the quality of pictures I wanted just using them. So, I got online and checked them out, drooling over all of the possibilities.

I was really skeptical of trying this, as the lens I wanted to rent was valued at well over $1,000 and the idea of having to pay for it if I broke it made me think twice about renting it. I was relieved to discover that for a very small fee, I could buy an insurance policy that would take care of that worry. So, I did it. I spent some time on the phone with a representative who helped me choose the best lens for what I wanted. I went with the Canon 17-55 f/2.8 IS, which is a great, sharp lens, and good for landscapes. For only a little over $100, I was able to rent the lens, a polarizing filter, and get the insurance for ten days. They shipped it overnight to me at my home with a special shipping box, and I took it with me on our trip. The shipping box is then used to send it back. They even provide a pre-printed return label. We stopped at a UPS store on the way back the airport in Denver and dropped it off. It was so easy.

The best part is, I got some of the photos I was hoping for! Below are a couple of pictures I took with the lens I rented.


Mountain reflection Grand Teton National Park

Mountain Reflection – Grand Teton National Park

waterfall at alluvial fan - Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado

Alluvial Fan – Rocky Mountain National Park – Colorado

Last year, when we went on vacation, I decided to try it again. We were driving up to Maine from Connecticut, and were actually going be driving through the area where one of the Lens Pro to Go locations happens to be. So, I went directly to the store to pick up what I wanted to rent. This time I decided to try out my “dream camera”, the Canon 5D Mark III. This is one AWESOME camera! I have heard more than one Nikon user say they switched from Nikon to Canon because of this model. Now, this camera retails for around $3,500 without a lens. That is not in my budget. As much as I would like to have one, I just can’t justify the expense. For my vacation, however, I could rent it and still get to use it for the awesome pictures I wanted for much less. In reality, it is the big events that I want that kind of a camera for, anyway. I took it up to Maine and Acadia National Park, and got some great pictures!


Canon Lens - 24-70 F/2.8L II - Lens Pro to Go

Canon Lens – 24-70 F/2.8L I


The very high quality lens I rented to go with it is great piece of equipment. However, it costs around $2,300. Throw in the polarizing filter that I needed for the lens, and that’s almost $6,000 of very nice camera equipment. I picked it up early in the day on a Monday and returned it on a Friday. It cost me a total of $240.57 for four days, and that included insurance on everything. Not bad at all! For me, that counted a lot more than any souvenirs I would have bought. That was my spending money, and SO worth it!

Here are a couple of pictures I took with my rented camera and lens last summer in Maine.

Rocks and water - Acadia National Park - Maine

Acadia National Park – Maine

Boats in Bar Harbor - Maine

Boats in Bar Harbor – Maine

Of course, there are many other options for cameras and lenses that cost less than what I rented. They have a huge selection of the popular brands. When you call for information, the people who work at Lens Pro to Go are very knowledgeable and  helpful. The cool thing about speaking with the people in the store is that everyone who works there is a professional photographer. They use the gear on a professional basis and know what they are talking about. It really helps in choosing the right camera or lens for what you need. This is also a terrific way to try out a camera that you are considering buying and see how well you like it. They have rental agreements anywhere from one to ninety days.

Orange Lily

Orange Lily – Maine

So, if you are like me, and want to be able to use a really nice camera for special times but can’t afford them outright, you might want to consider renting for a short time. Lens Pro to Go was a great experience for me. You can check them out online at

Please comment below! Have you have ever rented a high quality camera before, or if you think you might like to?


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  1. I never would have thought about renting camera equipment. But I guess you can rent pretty much anything nowadays!

    • You can rent a lot of things I never would have thought of. The good thing is you get to use for what you need it for and not have to put out the money to buy it.

  2. What a brilliant idea! This gives you a bit of a taste of the camera too to see if you like it. Would be perfect for special occasions like honeymoons etc

    • Chloe it really is a way to check out a camera before you buy it. I did that with my current camera. Got to try it out – loved it and then bought it!

  3. Just the other day I read an article about renting high end, expensive purses and went onto google just now. Wanted to see what can be rented. CAMERAS! Who knew… I own a Canon EOS 500d with a decent macro lens. I wanted to upgrade to the Canon Rebel t6i but not sure if I should spend that much or not. I guess renting it would be the nicest way to test it. Thank you so much for sharing this!

    • I never knew you could rent expensive purses!! Gloria sometimes you can get more for your money by trying out a great lens. Try renting one and see what I mean. Thanks for your comments!

  4. Cindy Gordon says:

    I’ve never attempted renting equipment like this before. I knew it was a possibility but I’ve never tried it out.

    • I first decided to try it because I REALLY wanted to get good photos for our vacation. I was SO glad that I tried it. Got some amazing shots that first time and have always been glad that I rented the equipment.

  5. I know a lot of professional photographers that rent rather than buy. It is truly a smart option and you get great photos!

    • I rented the Canon 5D MarkIII and loved it so much that I bought it and later the lens that I rented. Is is a great way to try out equipment, as well as get to use equipment that you can’t justify buying outright.

  6. Renting camera equipment is brilliant! Fantastic idea and Iam going to look into it, especially before my next vacation!

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