Road Trip!

Highway 20 - Wyoming -road trip

Highway 20 – Wyoming

Road Trip! Oh Yeah! Freedom! That’s the feeling I have when we set out on a driving vacation, especially one headed northwest. The worries and cares are behind me (physically anyway), and adventure and new scenery is waiting up ahead. Don’t get me wrong, I do love to fly, and get the same enjoyment out of travel that comes with being on a plane and getting somewhere different in a few hours. But a driving vacation has a few perks that a plane trip doesn’t.

Chief Joseph Highway - Wyoming -road trip

Chief Joseph Highway – Wyoming

We get to see even more sights along the way. Our country is blessed with so many beautiful places to see! When we do a road trip, we get to see a lot more places along the way to where we are going. The photos in this post (all taken by me) show some of the views we have had on some of our road trips. I like capturing the memory of my view from the vehicle. If you don’t have a camera you really like for great photos on your road trip, you might want to rent one if you can’t afford to buy one. Read more about that here.

Beartooth Highway - Montana -road trip

Beartooth Highway – Montana

Because my hubby is one of those guys who always has to be the one doing the driving, that leaves me to ride and do things I like to do, like read and be on my phone or iPad. I don’t have to feel guilty because I can’t do anything else other than sit there, right? At least until we get to where the scenery starts getting really good, I get to ride and relax. I am usually on my phone or iPad looking up information on places we are going to see, so I get a little more research time. This especially helps when we do last minute trips, which we are very prone to do.

California Highways -road trip

California Highways

We are going to eat out most of the time (I have never been a fan of cooking) and I don’t have to clean up! We usually do the sandwiches and picnic thing during the day to make lunch cheaper, and usually stop somewhere with a great view to eat our picnic. Often that is somewhere in the middle of nowhere that has no restaurant, so we are not tied to where we are. Then, we splurge for dinner at some new cool spot we have discovered.

Bear tooth Highway - Montana -road trip

Bear tooth Highway – Montana

I don’t have to worry about how much my suitcase weighs, and if I buy something on my vacation I get to bring it home without worrying if it will fit in my suitcase. Even cheap little things can be heavy, like homemade jams and jellies, for example. On a trip to Montana, I discovered that I love Huckleberry jam.  But Huckleberries are only available in that region of the US. Two jars of Huckleberry jam fit easily in my truck for the ride back home. In my suitcase for a plane ride? Not so much.

Beartooth Highway - Montana road trip

Beartooth Highway – Montana

I can pack my junk in my vehicle and create my own little “travel world”. Travel brochures, books to read, snacks, laptop, iPad and iPhone ( plus chargers of course) all have to go with me. I think I can hear some of you laughing at me now, and that would include my husband! But – ha ha, his fishing pole and tackle box (used in all of the fishing spots he finds along the way)  also fit in the back of our truck and not in his suitcase. Ya’ll know what I’m talking about, right?

Going off-road in Montana -road trip

Going off-road in Montana

Another cool aspect of taking your own vehicle is that you can drive it where you want to. Several times when we have flown somewhere and rented a vehicle, the rental agreement forbade driving on dirt roads. Unfortunately, that may mean you miss seeing some great spots, especially in the national parks.

Are you like me and need to get away? There are so many fantastic places to just get in the car and go! Pick a scenery you want to be in. Where are we headed? Why northwest, to the mountains, of course! I can’t wait to share with ya’ll all of the amazing places we are going to discover!


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  1. OMG that huckleberry jam just made me so hungry! Sounds delicious! Thanks for the inspiration to get out and discover, Sandy!


  2. Wow, this is so beautiful! I love road trips because of the scenery. I’ve never been up that way so I should make a trip up there to visit some friends.

  3. I’m always the passenger during our road trips. Handing food to my husband or kids in the backseat. And I do planning like you do during the drive; where we will go, fun sites to see on our way, the cheapest places to eat, where rest stops are. I feel as if there is more up in the front with me than in our trunk!

  4. My husband and I always talk about doing a road trip thing, just waiting til he has enough time off built up so we can really enjoy ourselves! We did take a little mini trip for a couple days out to the rockies and I just loved it. But we live in South Dakota so I would love to drive out through the black hills and hit Montana and Idaho and go out to the coast!

    • My husband keeps talking about going to see the Black Hills because his brother went and talks about how beautiful they are. You would have a beautiful drive the whole way to the coast! Thanks for commenting!

  5. ❤️❤️ I loved reading this and I also love you! Be safe and have fun!

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