The Potter’s Lady by Judith Miller

The Potter's Lady - book coverPersonal review of The Potter’s Lady by Judith Miller

Paperback – ISBN – 9780764212567

E-book -ISBN – 9781441269478

Just so you know, I received a complimentary copy of this book for my review, but all opinions here are my own.

The Potter’s Lady is set in the 1870’s West Virginia and Pennsylvania and is the story of first generation Irish immigrants who are working to buy and build a pottery business. The main character of the story, Rose McKay, has just graduated from the Philadelphia Design School for Women, but is struggling with feeling like an outcast as a result from being ostracized at the school. Eager to make a new start and use her talent, she convinces her family to invest in a pottery business over a brickmaking business that they are more familiar with. The family must then struggle to make the business work with the help of Rylan Campbell, and young man with a past to overcome. The plot involves a developing romance between Rose McKay and two of the male characters as well as relationship struggles with extended family and friends who deliberately cause trouble for the family.

The part of the story line that was a little bit hard for me to buy was that a young unmarried woman would have been allowed to have such an important role in the running of a manufacturing business, in this a case a pottery, along side her married brother in the 1870’s. I was also surprised to know that there design schools for young women at this time period in United States history – or maybe not? Now I have to go research this to see.

I felt the beginning was a little slow and it took me to the second half of the book to really get into it. As is characteristic of this author, the book is a good clean read. Even though two of the characters in the book were obviously engaging in an illicit affair, there were no scenes beyond kissing.

The main characters grow spiritually and emotionally, and the lessons are effective and thought provoking for the reader. Although every page is not filled with scriptures or constant references to them, the characters make most of their important decisions by praying and seeking God’s will. The surprising part of the book for me was that the lessons being learned by the main characters spoke to me personally and I found I got more than I thought I would from the story.

A mixture of predictability and surprise, The Potter’s Lady is a good read. It is available in both paperback and E-book formats.

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  1. thank you for your honest review – It sounds like a fun story (but I get caught up in ‘this is hard to believe’ moments too – good to know about them beforehand 😉 )

  2. Hi Sandy – thanks for stopping by my blog, it led me to you!! I am signing up for updates in a moment… At one point in my life I worked in an E.R. Like any other ‘business’ it was crazy busy or dead quiet. All or nothing..When it was quiet one of the ways we had fun passing the time was to each grab a paperback – there were five of us – we’d read for 15 minutes then stop and share our ‘story’ to that point. We’d read and stop to share – read and stop to share. It was like reading 5 books at once. One time I had a Slllllooooooooowwwww story. Every fifteen minutes I’d get to say something like….she changed her dress……she rode into town and the scenery was nice…..she bought an apple at the dry goods store…….It became very funny. Thanks for this great memory and great review! With a smile, Carlyn in Tampa 🙂

    • Hi Carlyn! What a fun idea – to read and share stories like that! I really appreciate you sharing your story and stopping by to comment!

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