My name is Sandy Dobbs and I am the author of On Faith and Dreams. I started this blog because I enjoy sharing information on those things in life I am passionate about.Sandy standing by river holding camera

I have been married to the love of my life for thirty-five years (yes, that is YEARS). I am still in love with the man! It hasn’t always been easy, and it has taken a lot of grit, determination and a lot of faith to hang in there in the tough times. But what in life (that is worthwhile, anyway) doesn’t take some effort? We live in central Texas, and share our home with several Labradors and a silly Green Check Conure. I am the mother of five and now have six grandchildren! They make me proud and have taught me so much about life over the years. You will see a lot about them on this blog!

I enjoy a lot of things, so you will frequently see me say “I love”, but this list includes the following that you will see featured on this site:

  •  Photography:  The photo to the right is of me with a camera in my hand, which is a common sight, especially when beautiful scenery or grand-kids are within range
  • Travel: I love the sense of adventure that comes from traveling to other places, and my favorites include the mountain regions and national parks of the United States.
  • Learning: Learning keeps your brain young! I try really hard to capitalize on that by learning new things, especially those things related to technology, photography software and all things creative.
  • Reading: I am a bookworm. I was the kid who actually got grounded from reading (for fun) because I was caught more than once with a flashlight in the middle of the night, reading a story I just could NOT put down! I enjoy mysteries, romance and inspirational genres. I am also big on non-fiction books that help us improve our lives and provide truthful information about what is going on in our world.

As a believer, I subscribe to the following philosophy:

“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace”  

1 Peter 4:10

I have received so many gifts over my lifetime, and I like to share because, quite honestly, gifts have a tendency to multiply when you share them. Just like me, this site is work in progress. I hope this blog will be a blessing to you and your family, and that you will come back to learn and grow with me.



You can contact me at  onfaithanddreams@gmail.com


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