Blogging Liebster Award!

Liebster Blogging AwardI am so thrilled! We were nominated for the Newbie Blogging Liebster Award! I owe this honor and thanks to Davina Nigel at Business Broken Down . So, what is the  “Liebster Award”? It is an award given to new bloggers by other bloggers, usually those new bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. The purpose of the Liebster Award is to discover and support new bloggers who are tackling the very huge challenge of building a blog, and to foster growth and support. It’s fun to read and discover these new worlds! [Read more…]

Road Trip!

Highway 20 - Wyoming -road trip

Highway 20 – Wyoming

Road Trip! Oh Yeah! Freedom! That’s the feeling I have when we set out on a driving vacation, especially one headed northwest. The worries and cares are behind me (physically anyway), and adventure and new scenery is waiting up ahead. Don’t get me wrong, I do love to fly, and get the same enjoyment out of travel that comes with being on a plane and getting somewhere different in a few hours. But a driving vacation has a few perks that a plane trip doesn’t. [Read more…]

I Had the Best of Intentions…

The road that turns ...

Sometimes you think you are going one direction, and suddenly the road you are on makes a turn! I took this photo when we were exploring the road leading to Red Lodge, Montana.

I had the best of intentions when I started this blog. I really did. It was going to be my opportunity to help people by being myself and sharing things I was interested in. I spent most of last summer putting it together: thinking, designing, planning and learning. Then, about the time I got it up and going, summer was over! We took a late vacation (which I was going to write about extensively and post lots of pictures relating to). But I had to have a procedure done on my heart due to problems with atrial fibrillation, and then the summer was OVER. I had to go back to teaching school and got sucked into the school grind.

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