Easy Tuna Pasta Salad – Gluten Free!

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I like tuna fish. Tuna salad, tuna pasta salad, and even Hamburger Helper’s version of “Tuna Helper” (my husband won’t touch that stuff with a ten-foot pole!). There used to be a restaurant in our area with a huge salad bar that included different types of pasta salad. One of my favorites that they served had a goofy name. “Tuna Skroodle”, as they called it, was a pasta salad with tuna fish, and I loved it. It was simple enough, just pasta noodles, tuna, cheese, green peas and seasoning. Well, the restaurant closed down quite some time ago, and I have been missing that dish. [Read more…]

Cheap Eye Makeup Remover

FR6A2627coconut oil and blue containerI have discovered the wonders of coconut oil! This stuff is really good for you in all kinds of ways, but recently I have discovered that it also makes a very cheap (and good for your eyes) eye makeup remover. Over the past couple of years I have battled with red itchy patches on my eyelids and around my eyes. It would drive me crazy with the itching and burning, and wearing makeup over it was not fun either. Both my family doctor and a dermatologist told me to quit wearing eye makeup and gave me steriod creams to use. Seriously?? Nobody really wants to look at me without makeup (I don’t like looking at me without makeup!!). And the problems with the steroid creams is that they don’t work that well. I wasn’t too crazy about the information I read on them, either. Plus, going without makeup on the weekend was not improving anything. Assuming I was having an allergic reaction to my eye shadow, I started by trying to change that, looking for the brands with pure ingredients. No luck. I changed mascara, and tried several other things. Finally, I changed what I was using to take off my eye makeup. [Read more…]

Pumpkin Banana Muffins for Breakfast – Gluten Free!

Pumpkin banana muffins - gluten-free!I have been trying to eat gluten free, and one of my recent finds  has been these pumpkin banana muffins for breakfast. I know there is controversy over the idea of gluten, but the one thing I have discovered is that I feel better when I don’t eat it. Of course, that leaves out the traditional foods like muffins, pancakes, sandwiches and toast. And darn it, some of those are really fast grab-and-go foods (never mind yummy!!). For me, breakfast is often VERY grab-and-go. Not eating the carbs also helps me, but I miss the variety. Occasionally I WANT a muffin or pancakes. I have been trying to find some gluten-free substitutes, and have been pleased with some of what I have found. While doing a search for gluten-free breakfast muffins, I found a few different varieties of pumpkin muffins. I happened to have canned pumpkin on hand, and so did my own twist on a few of the recipes I found. Here is my version of Pumpkin Banana muffins, and they are gluten-free! [Read more…]

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