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Trail along Bierstadt Lake hike in Rocky Mountain National park

Trail along Bierstadt Lake hike in Rocky Mountain National park  – just after sunrise.

You can find the best hiking trails with AllTrails! This app is the hiker’s friend! So –  I stumbled on this great app for hiking that I never knew existed. Then, I found it also has a corresponding website HERE . It came in extremely useful on our recent vacation, so I wanted to share with you! I just used it to find some great trails to hike in Colorado, like the trail above in Rocky Mountain National Park. The photos in this post were just a few of many I got to take along the trails. If you are a fan of hiking and the great outdoors you will love it. It comes in both iPhone and Android versions. Just so you know – I get no benefit for telling you about this. Just want to share a great tip for an app! 

AllTrails App I usually spent time on Amazon looking for books with maps and hiking tips on places we were headed out to on vacation. I took time reading the review and trying to figure out which one to buy, and often bought more than I needed and then only used one. This app has over 50,000 trails from all over the world all in one application. You can save your favorite trails, get driving directions to the trail as well as read reviews on the trail from those who have hiked the trail. We found this to be super helpful in planning the hikes we were going to take because comments by the reviewers helped us to be more prepared.

Trails with Pets and Bikes!

AllTrails app also has other great and helpful filters. You can look for trails for biking. You can also look for trails that allow pets. We saw a lot of people frustrated in places like National Park trails because you are not allowed to take dogs on trails in most places. This feature is really helpful for finding trails that you can get out on and take your dog. We passed a lot of people with dogs on some of the fantastic places we found this time. If you are going on vacation, love to hike and want to take your dog, this one of the fastest ways to figure out where you can do that.

Glacier hike near Idaho Springs Colorado

Premium Features

The app has the same features as the website plus more. The cool thing about this app is that it is free, but – anyone who has spent time on a lot of mountain trails knows that you often have no cell phone service out on the trail. So – if you want to be able to use your phone app instead of wrestling with a paper map (you know you will have your phone on you anyway) you can take advantage of the premium feature (paid) that allows you to download the map  and then use a feature called Record which turns your phone into a GPS tracker. This helps you to not get lost when you are not online. I really wish I had done that before we headed out on one of our hikes this time. We had looked at the map on the app at the trail head, but this hike was not really well marked, and we got a little lost trying to come back down the mountain because there were several paths that looked like possibilities. I will for sure have the map downloaded from the AllTrails Pro feature next time!

Bierstadt Lake hike - AllTrails

Bierstadt Lake Hike – Rocky Mountain National Park

How Much Hike are You Up For?

Not up for long hikes or anything strenuous but want to see great scenery? AllTrails actually rates all of the trails given as easy, moderate, or hard. That really helps you to make the best of your planning time. After all, no-one wants to be excited about taking a nice walk to see some beautiful scenery only to discover that trail to be way more than you can do. Just be sure to check the description and reviews. Reading the reviews from others who have used the trails also helps nail whether the trail is a fit for you. If the trail is rated as “hard”, believe it! Every one we went on had recent reviews describing what it was like and how accurate the descriptions were.

Map for trail to Mount Evans summit. See photo of the view below!

Map for trail to Mount Evans summit. See photo of the view below!

As mentioned above, I used it to find some fantastic hikes on our recent vacation. The photo below is of the trail to the summit of Mount Evans at over 14,000 feet! A Colorado “fourteener”! It was incredible, and not too hard and actually fairly short since you can drive up most of the way.

Trail to the Summit - Mount Evans Colorado

Trail to the Summit – Mount Evans Colorado

Ready for more beautiful views in the Colorado Rockies? Check my post on visiting Rocky Mountain National Park here. There are plenty of RMNP trails in the AllTrails app.

Dont forget:

  • Be safe! Pay attention to signs and warnings. They are there for a reason.
  • Stay on the trail. Getting off of it will eventually ruin the landscape you came to see.
  • Don’t forget to take the essentials even for short hikes! Water, rain gear, snacks and hiking shoes are a must.


I hope I see you out on the trail!


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  1. cupcake1007 says:

    That’s really cool! I’d never heard of All Trails. I’m definitely going to check this out and see what there is in this area!

  2. I’m terrified of the outdoor because of bugs, but I would love to try hiking! I could use this site to start small or find a beautiful trail in the fall/early winter.

  3. I have been camping and hiking for years, bugs were always an issue for me. Some steps you can take are to make sure you purchase some insect repellent and search for some bug out tents. These sort of tents are crafted to make sure bugs do not get in. Another thing you can do is to camp in the winter.

    • You are so right – bugs can be a pain. In many areas we have been, the bug repellant was a necessity! I will never forget being in Alaska, where the joke is that the mosquitoes are the “state bird”. Thanks so much for commenting.

  4. That looks incredible, so many beautiful walking trails!

  5. Have never heard of this app before; definitely going to get on that! By the way – i really want to hike the rockies <3

  6. These hiking trails seems so charming and picturesque! When’s the best time of the year to go hiking in the Colorado Rockies, Sandy?

    • Hi there! It depends on what you like. The weather is amazing in the summer, but in the fall (September) you get all of the beautiful colors. Of course, there is lots of snow to play in during the winter. There is s something great about all of the seasons!

  7. Wow, what an awesome app! I really like that you’re able to search for trails that are convenient for you. That’s extremely helpful especially when taking a pet or needing a bike friendly trail!

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