Cheap Eye Makeup Remover

FR6A2627coconut oil and blue containerI have discovered the wonders of coconut oil! This stuff is really good for you in all kinds of ways, but recently I have discovered that it also makes a very cheap (and good for your eyes) eye makeup remover. Over the past couple of years I have battled with red itchy patches on my eyelids and around my eyes. It would drive me crazy with the itching and burning, and wearing makeup over it was not fun either. Both my family doctor and a dermatologist told me to quit wearing eye makeup and gave me steriod creams to use. Seriously?? Nobody really wants to look at me without makeup (I don’t like looking at me without makeup!!). And the problems with the steroid creams is that they don’t work that well. I wasn’t too crazy about the information I read on them, either. Plus, going without makeup on the weekend was not improving anything. Assuming I was having an allergic reaction to my eye shadow, I started by trying to change that, looking for the brands with pure ingredients. No luck. I changed mascara, and tried several other things. Finally, I changed what I was using to take off my eye makeup. [Read more…]

Redneck Slip and Slide

Grant on the redneck slip and slideWater fun!

Most of us played on a slip n slide as a kid. There is something about that hunk of blowup plastic and water, but they are great fun! Unfortunately, being the blowup plastic thing that they are, they tend to get holes quickly and not last very long. Very often,  they lasted one play session and then a hole from a stick or a rock rendered it to the trash. If you were lucky, you may have gotten a few play sessions out of it.

Recently, my daughter hosted a birthday party for our three year old grandson in our front yard. We live out in the country and have lots of room, and she originally wanted to rent of those big blowup devices for water fun as there would be kids of different ages attending. She finally decided the cost was just too much for the birthday budget and bought a small swimming pool instead. [Read more…]

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